FUNKBOX High-Z-Balun for end fed Antennas

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FUNKBOX High-Z-Balun with extention as a Mini Tuner

The FUNKBOX High-Z-Balun is used with end fed antennas.

It works as a UNUN transformer to transfer the impedance 1:8 and Z: 1:64 of an end-fed antenna
from about 3500 ohms to 50 ohms.

The balun is connected to the antenna feed line via the BNC socket.
To increase the power it consists of two ring cores. It can be used up to 50 Watts output.

As an additional option, the FUNKBOX High-Z-Balun is prepared for expansion as a mini-tuner. 
For this purpose, the housing is opened to extend the board  (the components are included). 


- Finished balun with enclusure
- Components for the mini tuner function.


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