3-Band Low Pass Filter Kit for WSPRlite / WSPRlite Flexi

3-Band Low Pass Filter Kit for WSPRlite / WSPRlite Flexi

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Low pass filters for 40m, 80m and 160m (all three supplied). The lowpass filter kit builds up to a neat pcb (73 x 97 mm)  with low pass filters for 7 MHz, 3.7 MHz and 1.8 MHz. The filters are selectable with movable jumpers. The kit is supplied with a prewired coax tail with SMA plug to connect directly to your WSPRlite and a board-mounted SMA socket for connecting your antenna: no fiddly connectors to install!

The PCB has been designed with new builders in mind. High quality through-hole components have been used throughout including Grade 1 Murata/TDK C0G/NP0 capacitors, Grade 1 solderable enamelled copper wire and gold plated jumpers.

Each filter is a 7 element low-pass with great performance and low loss. The kit is rated at 25 Watts - suitable for general QRP transmitter use. Board has M3 mounting holes for easy use.

Easy to make, easy to use!


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WSPRlite Classic Transmitter Kit WSPRlite Classic Transmitter Kit
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WSPRlite Flexi Transmitter Kit WSPRlite Flexi Transmitter Kit
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