Elecraft KX3 - Power Pole Adapter

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This is an assembled and tested 3D printed 2nd generation PowerPole adapter for the Elecraft KX3 Radio that (optionally) screws to the side of the radio. It firmly attaches your power cable to the radio and keeps narrow gauge wire lengths as short as possible. It protects the power plug, prevents accidental shorting, and keeps the power cord from getting lost - all without interfering with access to any other radio function.

This adapter is designed to be compatible with:

  • the stock KX3 radio
  • radios with custom end panels; and in particular the Side KX end panels
  • the Side KX clear lexan lid
  • the stock KX3 heat sink
  • custom head sinks that do not extend to the left past the side panel

This adapter is specifically designed for hams who upgrade their KX3 with a 3rd party heat sink, but will work with an original stock KX3 just as well.  It is a compact design that does not interfere with any function of the KX3. This item includes the pre-assembled adapter (pastic shell, cable, plug, PowerPole connector) and mounting screw.  Cable (1m) included with Powerpole fitted to one end.

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