SW-3B Transceiver with enclosure

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SW-3B three-band CW QRP Transceiver
Ideal for portable use, Field Day and SOTA

Dimensions: 104*71*25mm

Weight: 180g.

Operating voltage:8-15VDC.

Operating current:  Receiving: about 45mA(backlight on), and less than 40mA(backlight off) : Transmitting: about 0.8A (at 12V voltage).

Frequency range: 5-8MHz, 8-11MHz, 11-16MHz (the receiving sensitivity peak is only 40m, 30m, 20m amateur band) : Transmitting:7.0-7.2MHz, 10.1-10.15MHz, 14.0 -14.35MHz.

Two filters: CW and SSB are automatically switched according to the operatingmode.
The CW filter has a bandwidth of about 400 Hz and the SSB is about 2 kHz.

The adjustment range of RIT/XIT RIT: -9KHz to +9KHz, XIT adjustment range:-30KHz to +30KHz. Output power is Approx..5W (depending on power supply voltage. Nominal is 12V)

Side tone: is set at 600Hz

Auto keyer: The built-in auto keyerspeed is adjustable. Storage: Each band has 8 storage frequency channel, and the frequency and operatingmode can be stored by the user arbitrarily.

Receiving mode: CW, CWR, USB, LSB. It can also be transmitted in the SSB mode of receiving, enabling cross-linking of CW/SSB.

AGC: Simple Audio AGC, S metershows the relative strength of the signal and is for reference only.

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