Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions are binding with the sending of your order.
FUNKBOX Hard & Software
Reinhard Mayer
Am Bach 7
D-88069 Tettnang

Telephone Mailbox: +49 7542929450
Terms and conditions

Scope of application
The following conditions is valid for all business of FUNKBOX Hard & Software, represented by Mr. Reinhard Mayer, Am Bach 7, D-88069 Tettnang
 - with the selling of products of the FUNKBOX Hard & Software or their individual adjustments.

Notes to instructions, brochures und manuals
FUNKBOX Hard & Software does not give warranty or guarantee regarding the correctness and accuracy of the data in instructions, brochures and manuals.
FUNKBOX Hard & Software reserves itself the right, to improve products in technical and creative belongings, without touching the content of instructions, brochures and manuals.
A divergence of the content in instructions, brochures and manuals can not deduced in rights against FUNKBOX Hard & Software.
You are not allowed to produce electronic or mechanicals copies without the explicit and written permission of FUNKBOX Hard & Software.
This is valid for copies in extracts.

Commission and terms of payment
All prices are without the legal VAT, because we act as a german "Kleinstunternehmer".
All claiments becomes due with the date of the invoice and must be paid within 30 days without discont.
This could vary if you pay with a valid credit card. With delay of payment or return debit note FUNKBOX Hard & Software is allowed to charge 5% default interest.
This interest rate results from the basis interest rate of the European central bank (EZB) in accordance with § 1 of the discount transition interest rate (DÜG).
The customer/buyer comes automatically into delay, if he does not keep the legal regulation for payment within 30 days starting from entrance of the calculation.

Right of withdrawal
The consumer in terms of § 13 BFB have the right of revocation according to §§ 312 following., 355 BGB with remote sale contracts.

In accordance with condition of the remote sale law he have the possibility within two weeks after receipt of the commodity to recall the contract without reason.
The revocation can take place in writing (e.g. letter, email to info@funkbox.de) or via return of the commodity; for period keeping the punctual sending off is sufficient on:

FUNKBOX Hard & Software, Am Bach 7, D-88069 Tettnang / Germany.

If the costumer uses the right of revocation he has to pay back the transmission costs as far as a purchase order value of 40, - Euro.
Depreciations from intended use are to be refunded from the consumer unless the decrease was only used for the examination of the commodity.
Inicidentally the consumer can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by using the prodcut not like an owner in use and omitting
also otherwise everything, which impairs the value of the product.
A right of revocation does not exist in principle: CD, DVDs, CD-ROM, software, software licences, which were unsealed by the consumer.
Products which are made after costumer specifications could not be refunded.

Time of delivery and service
All dates of delivery is valid under reservation. FUNKBOX Hard & Software does not take over guarantee for the adherence to the dates mentioned,
in particular if third (Deutsche Post AG, DHL or UPS) are involved in the supply.
No rights against FUNKBOX Hard & Software can be deduced because of delivery delays
which are caused by higher forces or due less favorable conditions like operational disturbances, strike, material procurement difficulties,
official arrangements and things like that. In case of higher forces FUNKBOX Hard & Software reserves itself the right to extend the delivery time
around the duration of the handicap plus an appropriate respite.Delay against FUNKBOX Hard & Software is only valid in written form.
In case of a delay the customer/buyer from FUNKBOX Hard & Software has the right to cancel the contract.

Guarantee and commitment
The products come with a warranties of 24 months.
The products and its accompying files are sold without warranties concerning service and marketability.
Claims for damage of any kind, including damage in consequence of the use of the software to data,
software or hardware of the customer/buyer, are impossible.

Reservation of title
Until all requests are payed all delivered products is unlimited property of
FUNKBOX Hard & Software.This right remains untouched also by requirements from third.

Protection and copyright
Property and copyrights to all products from FUNKBOX Hard & Software lies only at FUNKBOX Hard & Software.
This property right and copyright covers all products and their supplies such as guidances, folders, manuals.
The license agreement which is accepted with the installation of a product is valid.
The products are protected through copyright und international regulations. Therefore the costumer/buyer has to handle the product/the software like other copyright protected material.
The costumer/buyer is allowed to create a backup of this software/design/template for his own use.
The costumer/buyer must inform FUNKBOX Hard & Software immediately and in writing form, if he has the knowledge
of a violation of commercial protection and copyright of a product from FUNKBOX Hard & Software.
The costumer/buyer has basically the right to change the delivered product or to integrate it in another system.
If this results in violations from copyrights of thirds, claims against FUNKBOX Hard & Software are not valid.
The customer/buyer has to exempt the FUNKBOX Hard & Software in this case from all requirements.
In case of individual changes FUNKBOX Hard & Software has basically the right, if not stated otherwise, to resell the provided products.
These includes the products itselfs with all supplies like guidances, brochures and manuals.

Only the laws of Germany are valid.
If you have questions regarding the terms of service, our products or individual changes contact:
FUNKBOX Hard & Software

License conditions of our products
With the installation and enterprise of our products you accept the following license conditions.

Warranty renouncement

The products and its accompying files are sold without warranties concerning service and marketability or without other warranties.

The risk of the use of the products is alone with the licensee. The claim of the salesman is limited exclusively to product replacement or refunding of the purchase price.