Pico Balun

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The Pico Balun pcb incorporates strain relieved attachment points for the the antenna and, importantly, the co-ax - it's a complete feedpoint solution. The Pico Balun is rated at 10 Watts - ideal for KX-3 users.

 A high frequency transformer using a twisted-pair transmission line gives the desirable characteristics of small size, low weight and low loss. A tiny patch-panel allows the Pico Balun to be configured as either a 1:1 current balun or as a 4:1 impedance transformer when you build it.

The Pico balun uses high quality components for low loss operation. Building is easy with clear online instruction.

Testing your balun before use is easy too - we supply 2 x 100 Ohm resistors with each kit for testing.

The Pico Balun is designed to be fed with RG-174 co-ax and this is also strain relieved on the PCB. While RG-174 is our recommended lightweight co-ax, RG58 can also be used.

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