Yaesu Rotator G 1000 DXC

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The Yaesu G 1000 DXC is a high-performance rotator is ideal for heavy-duty applications and for easy automatic tracking with a WinRotor rotatorinterface.

Its slim-line constructions is ideal for many crank-up tower installations.The G-1000DXC includes a rugged mast clamp for easy installation.

Total rotation range: 450°, with presets.

Includes: Rotator, Controlbox and a set of connectors 

Note:  Control cables are not included

Key Features

Compass Display
Stop may be set at North of South.
Preset Control  
For hands-free rotation during busy operating sessions. (Not available on the G-1000C)
Variable Speed 
40 - 100 seconds for 360º rotation. (55 sec for the G-1000C)
Gear System
Quiet, gear reduction braking system
Quick Disconnect Plug
For safety during lightning
Variable-Voltage DC Motor (Not availalable on the G-1000C)
Designed for mounting INSIDE a support tower, at least 1m from the top.


Product Note Status Price
Yaesu Rotor Control Cable - 25 meters Yaesu Rotor Control Cable - 25 meters
85.00 € *
Yaesu Rotor Control Cable - 40 meters Yaesu Rotor Control Cable - 40 meters
129.00 € *
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