Power Pole 4-Way Connector Kit


Power Pole 4-Way Connector Kit

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PowerPole® connectors are the best way to distribute DC in your shack or in the field. Once you start using them, the urge to convert all your DC distribution to them becomes inevitable. Our PowerPole® connector box is rated at 25 Amps. PowerPole® connectors are impossible to connect the wrong way round; reliable and easy to use.

The SOTABEAMS PowerPole® 4-way makes light work of connecting four things together. For example, four PowerPole® connectors allow you to connect a radio and amplifier to your battery while leaving one socket free for another accessory. Naturally we have designed the PP 4-Way to be light and rugged too.

Speaking of design, the PP 4-Way is rated at 25 Amps; no mean feat for a PCB design. To acheive this we had to use a special up-rated PCB with double weight copper. We also use some clever design to improve the current handling even more: ultrawide traces are used on both sides of the board. These are roller tinned (both sides) to reduce the resistance even more. Finally we use plated through vias, carefully located to ensure an even current distribution between each face of the board. This is a unit built to a high specification!

The PP 4-Way uses genuine Andersen PCB contacts too for lower contact resistance and improved reliability.


  • The PCB kit consists of: 1 x PCB, 8 x PCB contacts, 4 x red connector shells, 4 x black connector shells.+ enclosure kit  an ABS box, laser-cut front panel and board mounting hardware.


25 Amp rated on adjacent sockets (30 A surge)

Weight 58 g

W55 L83 H28 (Height excludes connectors)


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