Airspy HF+ SDR Multiband Receiver

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The Software Defined Radio revolution brought great flexibility in VHF and UHF reception. With the Airspy HF + developed by Airspy, Itead Studio and ST Microelectronics we can offer you the maybe best wide band receivers. It provides a high performance extension for weak-signal wide band reception on HF – something other competing solutions fail to address efficiently.
Airspy HF+ is a paradigm shift in high performance HF radio build a state of the art SDR for HF and FM bands.
Like most high-end HF receivers, the HF+ uses very high dynamic range ADC’s and front-ends. But unlike the current offerings in the market, it also brings more frequency agility by using high performance passive mixers with an excellent polyphase harmonic rejection structure. With its best in class strong signal handling capability, the HF+ is the ideal companion for light portable high performance operation.
Both the architecture and level of integration achieved in this design allow us to bring top performance reception at a very affordable price.

All the major SDR software is supported.



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