WinRotorPlus Kompakt Interface Azimuth

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WinRotorPlus USB Interface Azimuth- aluminum design
Rotator controller for DX-Tracking with WinRotorPlus Software for Windows 7/Windows 8 / VISTA / XP

With 40 mm x 15 mm x 50 mm the smallest WinRotor interface ever.

Set content:

- WinRotorPlus Interface
- WinRotorPlus software
Comfortable and easy to use rotator software for the WinRotor Interface series on USB Stick

=> Please select and order the suitable interface cable for your type of rotator controller in the section "WinRotor Cablesets".

  • Kenpro KR250
  • Kenpro KR400/450 /XL
  • Kenpro KR650G /XL
  • Daiwa 7500/7600
  • Yaesu G250
  • Emotator 105
  • Create RC5 /A/B -1/3/4/5/DC




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WinRotor Relayset 2 poles WinRotor Relayset 2 poles
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WinRotorPlus Cableset Azimuth WinRotorPlus Cableset Azimuth
from 10.00 € *
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